Meet the Legacy Keeper

Dr. Robertson

Ashley N. Robertson, Ph.D. is a curator, assistant professor and museum director at the Mary McLeod Bethune Foundation-National Historic Landmark on the campus of Bethune-Cookman University. Her love for history spans from the childhood stories told to her by her Grandma Bessie. It was her telling of history in a way that made it sound like a story that everyone could relate to that caught young Ashley’s attention. She now understand’s that her grandmother was none other than a griot.

Dr. Robertson graduated from Howard University in 2013 with a Ph.D. in African Diaspora History and a minor in Public History. Her dissertation topic was “The Drums of Africa Still Beat In My Heart: The International Activism of Mary McLeod Bethune and National Council of Negro Women.” Her work also includes articles in the Journal of Black Studies, Journal of Negro History and Association of Black Women Historians Truth Newsletter. She has presented and lectured at conferences across the United States and in the Dominican Republic. Her key areas of research focus on how women of African descent have been successful activists and strategists throughout the African Diaspora.  Dr. Robertson’s work also examines Pan Africanism, African American clubwomen and African American businesses.

Dr. Robertson’s experience include’s working as an Archives Technician for the National Archives for Black Women’s History at the Mary McLeod Bethune National History Site, where she did an intensive study on the life of Dr. Bethune while also assisting scholars from around the world, archiving collections which examined the life of African American women and assisted with the programming of the National Park Service Site. As the Director of the Mary McLeod Bethune Foundation Dr. Robertson now preserves precious collections belonging to Dr. Bethune along with her historic home. The home hosts thousands of visitors per year who come in search of “The Bethune Experience.” Dr. Robertson has also taught United States History at Howard University and now teaches African American History to specialized learning communities at Bethune-Cookman University.  She also offers historical consulting to various churches and creates historical videos and presentations to help local institutions celebrate Black History Month, Kwanzaa and Women’s History Month.

Today Dr. Robertson is excited to be fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a historian. She believes the words of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune which state: “Knowledge is the prime need of the hour.”

Dr. Robertson

Please email Dr. Robertson at for a copy of her CV.


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